Monday, November 30, 2015

One Winter Afternoon

Winter has arrived.  I'm not complaining.  It is really quite pretty.  Plus, it isn't that cold so far.  They say that we are going to have a mild winter this year.  I hope that they are right.

I have put up some winter decorations so far.  I'll probably add a touch of red once the holidays get closer.

I got this wooden tea light holder at my greenhouse.  I love the rustic nature vibe.

The mantle is looking festive.

My yarn bowls make the perfect winter decoration.  But who am I kidding?  I keep mine out all year long.

I still love owls!  

Here's my newest addition.  He followed me home from the greenhouse and now hangs on my old office cabinet that houses my vintage Pyrex.  He might have to stay out all year too.  ;)

And here is my DIY Project!  I found these perfectly shaped twigs on a nature walk.  They were just laying there on the path.  A person would pay about $20 for them at HomeSense, so we dragged them home.  I put them in an urn I had and then spent $20 on some LED lights at HomeSense.  It glows so beautifully at night.  I have it on so much that I am already on my second set of batteries.

Winter days set the mood for staying home and knitting.  I think I may have been a hibernating animal in a previous life.  It is the season of cowl making!  I have finished number six with two more to go and then it is onto white mittens for Diane's bridal party.  I'll be happy when the knitting that has to be done is done!

I'll leave you with a photo of little Maggie May.  She has been having a rough go of it lately with first an ear infection and then pink eye.  What dog gets pink eye?  She is finally on the mend.  Maggie, who are you waiting for?  Santa won't be here for quite some time yet.  ;)



  1. Your beautiful whites look so calming and serene! They're saying we are to have snow here ..maybe a little might be nice..

  2. Jennifer...I just love the whites and the soft and calm.


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