Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When Dogs Get Mail

So I finally got sucked in and ordered the girlies Bark Box.  I've been aware of it for a couple of years and the dogs on the computer always look so happy peeking into their monthly box of goodies that arrive at the door.  It was a chat with a young waitress last month that sold me.  She told me that she only ordered it one month and it was like her dogs knew it was for them.  They were so excited to see that package arrive.  My hunch is that they could smell the treats through the box.  ;)  Anyway she told me that it cost her $50 but it was a well worth one time treat.

So I decided to check out the details of Bark Box for myself.  Well, let me start off by saying that when ordering things online, I sometimes get excited and fail to properly investigate and read the fine print.  There was that one time that I accidentally ordered so much twine from The Twinnery that both me and Susan are set for life.  So I thought that I was getting free shipping and that it would cost me a total of $126 for a 6 month subscription.  I was sure that the young waitress was wrong and her box only cost her around $30.  So I rushed and hit the "order" button.  I guess I forgot that I am a Canadian.  Canadians never get free shipping.  And how did I forget how low our dollar is sitting?  I mean it is on the news every night.  I now know that our dollar was sitting at $0.72 the night I ordered.  sigh.  Short story long, it cost me $211 for 6 boxes.  :(  I felt really sick about it at first.  Rob said we will just enjoy what comes each month and definitely remember to cancel the subscription when it is up!  So the first box arrived today and I wasn't quite as mad at myself as I thought I would be.every.month.when.that box.arrives.

Here's that Kodak moment when the dogs sniff the box.  My photo is a blur.  Not anything like those shots I see online of other dogs.  Check out the fancy packaging.  I payed for that.

Next it is opening the treat bags and trying them out.

I have to say that they smell really good.  A person could probably cut them up and serve them in spaghetti sauce to company.... not that I would!

The girlies don't seem interested in the chew toys so they might be going to my two grand dogs.

There was a rabbit chew stick that we broke in half for them to share.  Here's that sad moment when Maggie realizes that she inhaled hers and Lady is still enjoying her half.

Lady is a slow eater.  Probably because she doesn't have many teeth left.

In my best effort to get the most for my money, I am planning a LO with these bits of beautiful packaging.  That has to save on scrappy supply costs, right? ;)

Another silver lining... I was just about to go out and buy a Canada Post box for a gift I am sending out soon.  Hooray, the Bark Box fits perfectly!  That had to save me $4.  Okay, now the Bark Box was so worth $211.... NOT!  No more online ordering for me.



  1. Ouch! I know what that exchange rate means. When I started scrapbooking getting supplies sent from the States was a complete bargain. Not anymore!

    The dogs do look happy though

  2. I had to smile at this, you are not the first to be surprised by the results of online shopping. And I immediately saw that paper liner on a layout - would be so cute.

  3. Spoiled are a good mom to your furry babies.

  4. This made me chuckle. Shipping is excruciating to CA. Pups seem happy about their goodies though. :) I can't wait to see your page. :)

    On another note, I rented Ben a travel DVD/documentary on the Pacific Northwest. It had a bunch of info about B.C. He now wants to go to Vancouer. He is enjoying Geography and learning about all of the countries. He brought his mittens to his Geography class when they were studying CA, telling everyone they came from Edmonton. :) It has gotten pretty chilly these last few days. We are making use of our Woolies already this season. :) All mittens and scarves are being worn. Brit is really enjoying her scarf/cowl you sent her. They are getting lot of use. :) Thank you, again, for the wonderful goodies.


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