Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Santas Anonymous

It's that time of year again when the unknown Santas unite to make sure that all the little ones have a happy Christmas morning.  I took some photos of this year's goodies before Rob and I dropped them off at the mall.

Each year I keep my eye out for bargains.  It is always fun to see what I collected throughout the year.

I found these well trusted games at Wal-mart for $5 each right after Christmas last year.

This big guy followed us home from Ikea last march.  He cost a whopping $12 on sale.  I can just see him under the tree with a big red bow on his head and a little one for baby too!  Hopefully he will make some little one quite happy.

These two Lego sets were freebies.  Lego had a promotion where they were given to customers with a purchase.  

It wouldn't be Christmas without Dr. Seuss.  Loved this one as a kid!

The bead set was found in the clearance section at Michael's for $2!  I got this big colouring book at Costco.

As we do each year, Rob and I made a pick of something we would have liked as a kid.  This is the year of Lego!  Rob picked this..

and I picked this one.  I wish they had had cool girlie Lego when my girls were little.  They would have loved it!

Shopping for the children is always the most fun.  



  1. Awww.. they will love it! Great picks! :D

  2. Such a wonderful selection! There will be cheers of appreciation on Christmas morning, I'm sure. Guess what Little E has asked for? An umbrella! Apparently they are quite the thing amongst six year old boys here this year..

  3. That is just sounds very similar to our Santa Shoebox Project in South Africa for disadvantaged children x


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