Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Butterdome Craft Sale

Yesterday we headed off to our favourite craft sale of the year.  It is at the Butterdome in Edmonton, named so because it really does look like a big chunk of butter.

This sale has something for everyone!  It really is the perfect place to find that very unique and personalized gift.  Look at this bird's eye view.

Susan came along this year.  It was her first time and she really enjoyed it.

It is booth after booth of amazing hand crafted goods!

We picked up some Christmas gifts and more!  Our favourite fudge made in Ontario is safely sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten at our  solstice celebration this year.  I ate more than my fair share at the show!   A few more things followed me home.

There is a new addition to the yarn bowl collection!  I now have three made by this same artist and I love them!

And of course I couldn't pass by these beautiful bird cards.

This yarn was hand spun in Vancouver.  I love the mix of thick and thin and I think it might turn into a cowl for Diane.

But for now, the cowl must wait.  I'm knitting up mittens for the bridal party!  Diane brought over the scarves she had already bought and we are thrilled at how nicely the mittens match.  Okay, back to my knitting needles!

Have a great weekend!



  1. It's huge! what an amazing selection of stalls. I've never seen any yarn bowls here but I think they look like a lovely idea (and very collectable..)

  2. Happy Knitting :) I would love to visit a craft fair as big as that...I can just imagine that my wallet will be very light when I am ready to leave ♥


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