Thursday, January 28, 2016

All Good Things

So is it true that all good things must come to an end?  Today I learned that Basic Grey is stepping out of the paper industry.  Oh a sad day for me and my scrappy favourites.  When I think of Basic Grey I remember how back in their hey day, scrapbook stores would have huge walls devoted to just this one manufacturer.  I would watch the BG site and anxiously await the new releases.

Oh Porcelain!

Oh June Bug!

Oh Origins!

These memories bring me back to when scrapping dominated my creative life and leisure time.  There wasn't much time for knitting or reading and when there didn't seem like enough time to scrap... well, let the laundry pile and eat supper in the restaurant.  Good thing the girls where self sufficient by then.  LOL

Bit by bit the stores weren't carrying much Basic Grey.  Then most stores didn't carry it at all.  It just wasn't selling.  Basic Grey always had a classic look but they never moved much with the trends.  And as much as I love Basic Grey,  I really haven't acquired many of the new collections in the past few years.  The lines that I have found, often vintage lines, I tend to hoard instead of using.

They really are a bit challenging to work with.  They really are very busy patterns.  I have a pretty healthy stash of Basic Grey as well as my well organized supply of vintage.  I will guard these goodies and value every bit of their goodness.

I can't help wondering what this latest announcement means for the scrapbook industry.  Scrapbooking has had a good run already.  But as with most creative outlets, will this trend get phased out as another begins?  I think of the days when I couldn't imagine a day without crossing some stitches, waiting for the latest magazine in the mail and longing to get to the good craft store in the city to wander the cross stitch aisles!  Not to mention... when will those girlies settle to bed so I can stitch?  LOL  Those days are long gone.

Will paper crafting phase out into just planners and pocket pages?  I'll be hanging on to all of my stock pile just in case.  I guess I just don't like change.  I'm that mouse that just can't figure out how to move to the new pile of cheese.  I'm still blogging when the majority have let go of the writing aspect for the convenience of a quick sentence, 27 hashtags and a photo on Instagram.  Okay, now I'm just sounding old!  ;)  Goodbye Basic Grey.  Thanks for bringing so much scrappy joy into my days.

I'll leave you with a photo of my new favourite hat for charity.  Is there such a thing as "knitlifting"?  I have to give this lady credit!  A good Alberta girl from down south!

Okay I'm off.  We have a wedding rehearsal tonight.  Time to practice being the mother of the bride. ;)



  1. I feel the same way! I'm still blogging although I'm trying out instagram because I know so many folk are hanging out there now. And like you, I had a stitching phase, when I would rush to the magazine shop in my lunch hour to see if the latest copy of my favourite cross stitch magazine had arrived. I'm going to miss Basic Grey. Origins was a favourite of mine. And that white choc alpha! I loved it! Sad times..

  2. I'm hoping that new companies will enter the scene as some of the older ones fade away. And this is coming from someone who just started a blog last year and still enjoys reading them - maybe I'm a little behind the times! I do like instagram but it just doesn't give me the details and "voices" that I get from blogs. I'm hoping there are still plenty of people who feel the same way!

  3. It is always sad when things come to an end...but I still believe that we will keep Scrapbooking alive...just look at the gorgeous lines that were released in the latest CHA...a lot of the old companies have been taken over by American Craft...but it is still gorgeous goodies.

  4. I have to wonder if Basic Grey could have held on for a little while longer if their look would not have come back into style. I myself am already tired of the very modern look of recent years, want the pendulum to swing back the other way and may find myself reaching for some Basic Grey very soon (mostly likely June Bug, Kioshi or Lemonade.)


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