Tuesday, February 16, 2016


... even though I have chosen sketches,

I have chosen photos and have all of this goodness ready to play with,

I have to deal with this.

It was time to totally organize and clean the scrappy room and find a few goodies to donate.

I had my trustee assistant by my side.

Maggie opted for an afternoon nap on the sofa instead.  ;)

The sun is rising and I have noticed it streaming through windows that it hasn't peeked through in months.  It must be this energy that has me on an organization and purging tangent throughout the house.

Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.  :)



  1. I think cleaning our scrap spaces is just another way of clearing our mind of our winter mindset and preparing for sunnier scrappier days ahead - it seems as though we are all doing it. My trusty Swiffer and Windex have been employed faithfully this month too.

  2. I sure have a look of cleaning and purging to do but I keep putting it off and now I can hardly see my desk or the floor beneath it anymore! So good of you to just do it! And, nope, no sunshine here :). Have a great day!


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