Monday, May 2, 2016

One Year Later...

Last year I decided to jump onto the memory planner crazy train.  I was very excited about it in this post.  I gathered all of my supplies and they all looked so fresh and pretty.

Well it is a year later and I am happy to report that I stuck with it and finished the project.

"All" of the supplies that I thought I needed didn't quite last me the year.  It took two binders to contain the pages and so I ended up having to buy a second album with all of those pages that I didn't need, just to have the second album.  It was a Heidi Swapp suggestion which worked but it bugged me to have all that waste not to mention the extra expense.  This year's album was made thicker but still not thick enough in my opinion.  That being said, these books contain so many random everyday memories and bits and pieces of memorabilia that I think they will be a lot of fun to look back on in the future.  Maybe when I'm old and in the home.  ;)

Here are some of my favourite pages.  I have to admit that although I kept up on the day to day journaling, photo taking seemed to suffer in the latter half when the thrill of this project diminished.

That paperclip piece of paper is a dry-cleaning pick up receipt.

I used supplies from my stash to highlight some of the seasons.  I thought it would be boring to just stick with the journaling line.

There are lots of photos of Rob's socks from his monthly sock club.  The subscription is over and his sock drawer is busting at the seams but we miss those monthly gifts in the mail.

This empty Victoria's Secret gift card made the perfect embellishment for my page.  I was honest enough to ask the clerk if I could take one for a project and she told me no,  that they were only if you put money on them.  Really?  I had just spent about $100!  We walked out of the store and Rob pulled this one out of his pocket and handed it to me.  Haha.  He took it while she was telling me no.  I guess that sometimes honesty is not the best policy.

Thomas was a steady subject in the planner.  It was a great spot to document some of his growing up day to day memories.

Christmas memories.

Some BarkBox memorabilia.

The planner was a great way of documenting the wedding lead up.

Wedding weekend!

Notice that there are no photos... just a tea bag package will have to due.  haha

By the time that March rolled around I was really sick of the project.  I decided to take a month off but didn't want to leave the journal empty.  I had been reading a lot about minimalism and so I decided to devote a month to that subject.  I wrote inspirational quotes in for each day of the month.  I was really happy how it still reflected what life was all about at this time.  Yeah, I've jumped on the minimalism crazy train now.  There is always a tangent.  ;)  It was that book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, that planted the seed.

A restaurant logo from a receipt and the thank-you card from Diane and Eric's wedding.

This is written on the last page.  This time last year I thought that I would keep a memory planner for the rest of my life.  LOL  What was I thinking?  I am really happy to be done with this daily commitment.  Funny story... last night we went to a restaurant to celebrate Rob's birthday.  He received a free burger.  On the bottom of the receipt was printed a birthday greeting to him.  I automatically squirrelled it away to put in my planner only to realize that it was May 1st and the planner was done.  LOL

Now I have to figure out where to house those little bits and pieces that I collect through the days.  My minimalist gurus would tell me to get rid of them.  One thing that I know for sure... I can be a minimalist in some ways but not in my memory keeping habits.  Scrapping gives me a joy that no other hobby has ever provided me with and I plan on doing it forever!!!  This tangent has been going on for 16 years!



  1. Congrats on sticking with it for the whole year!

  2. Good for you for completing the year - I could never do it - I'd have gotten out of picture taking mode much earlier on. I have been in a gotta-have-it-if-Heidi-makes-it mode lately though. Will have to figure out how to use all this stuff on layouts.

  3. I remember when you started this project and I think it's fantastic that you have kept it up all year. Your albums look satisfyingly stuffed and they'll be a pleasure to look back on in years to come

  4. I love this! I should apply some of these techniques to my planner... the pages feel so empty, but that's because I only think to look at it once or twice a week. I'm not a very busy person apparently, haha!

  5. Your peek into books is fabulous! You have done such a great job and giant congrats for completing the year! As for the pink card and Rob.... SO GREAT! lol!

  6. Yay!! Great job!! I'm doing one as well, but am already way behind :) (can't even finish my December albums, lol).


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