Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Warm Days

Warm days are upon us here in Alberta.  With the good they have also brought massive wildfires in the northern part of our province.  People have been evacuated and so many have been left homeless. The fire is still raging.  Thankfully there has been no loss of life at this point.  It makes me anxious to even think of going through an experience such as this.  I feel so bad for all of these people.  I am also hoping that my son-in-law Eric, who is a firefighter, doesn't get called to go up.

On a lighter note, here's what's making me happy these days....

my favourite bush is in full bloom.  Soon to be just a plain green leafy scrub... but for now... amazing!

my favourite little cat who lives at the greenhouse.  I have been visiting this sweetie for years.  I always take the time to give her some love and get my kitty fix.  She is always happy to oblige.

my favourite little guy and his new bike!  We even got video of him riding.  Too cute.  The training wheels are soon to come off.

Thinking of my fellow Albertans.


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  1. We've been watching on the news here..very sad and shocking


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