Friday, May 20, 2016

What's Next?

Time is flying by and before I realize it, it's been weeks since I've posted anything.  We are finally getting some much needed rain which will hopefully help the wildfires in our province.  For the first time since the fires started, the smoke rolled in yesterday.  It is shocking that we have escaped it for this long.  I guess the winds must have been in our favour.  It isn't too bad today and I'm certainly not complaining when I think of what the people of Fort McMurray have been through.  It has been so sad and many of the stories have been heartbreaking.

Onto lighter things.  Here's what's in the works creatively speaking.

This wool is going to be knit up into hats and scarves for charity.  It was such a steal.  Some were $4 and some where $2.50.  Regular price was $8.  I love me a bargain.  They are 20% wool and super cozy.

So it only took about a week for me to start missing not having my memory planner.  What was I to do with all of the bits and pieces that I collect through life?  I decided that I didn't want the daily commitment of a memory planner so instead I'm putting together a book that will be a journal/smash book/memory planner!  I can record memories, add photos and bits&pieces, and decorate it on my own schedule.

I bought a Simple Stories 6x8 album, some Heidi Swapp Memory Planner stuff and then gathered items from my stash that fit the colour scheme.

Now I just have to set it all up and get started.

Wishing you all a creative day.  :)



  1. A relaxed, fill it in as you go along attitude to a memory keeping album is the best way to go I think. As long as you have somewhere nice to add in the things you want to keep it'll be perfect.

    You always find the best bargains!

  2. Wow, looks fab to me - I love me some Heidi Swapp too!!

  3. Just dropping to say hi! We have had smoke from the fires here south of you in MT. I can't even imagine what those folks have been through! I can't do a daily planner , either. But the supplies you have picked out look wonderful! I used one of those Memory Books I got super cheap to alter for a travel journal on a recent trip "Down Under". Worked out wonderfully!

  4. Oh, lovely bits and pieces for your book!! I bet it will be lovely! We're having tons of rain here in Texas as well. I hope you have a lovely long weekend!


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