Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dream Homes... Really?

We were late this year but we finally made it over to see the homes up for grabs through the dream home lottery.  It is a great fundraiser that raises money for hospitals in the Edmonton area.  It is always fun to go through and see these enormous houses and the decorative touches that apparently the elite are looking for.  I figure that anyone who lived in one of these places had better get a maid or two because I could spend every day just cleaning as a full time job!

The home going to the first winner was my least favourite.  It has this huge hot tub literally in the middle of the house!

You looked down on it from the kitchen and even from the tiny living room.  The when you went upstairs to the main bedroom, you still looked down upon it.  I think this would be a dream home for teenagers and a nightmare for parents of teenagers.

Then there was this full room just for lounge chairs.  Who needs the beach?  LOL

There were plants throughout this home in really tucked away weird places.  If they were real, they would be awful to water and if they were fake, they would be awful to dust!  They even had them tucked behind these wooden stairs.  You would need to find a small child to crawl in there to take care of them.  It was really weird.

Here's a bedroom for a Halloween fan!

The nicest home will go to the second place winner.  It was a more traditional home with a bit of a country vibe to it.  Check out this awesome greenhouse that comes off the kitchen.  It was sunny and warm and would be the perfect place to curl up with a good book.... although that would cut into floor washing time.  LOL

I loved these beams on the ceilings and the brick work around the fireplace.

The third place winner gets the weirdest house of the three.  It is like they were trying to bring the outdoors in but in a really tacky way.  Forest wallpaper anyone?

The green carpet was supposed to look like grass and it felt almost like walking on crushed velvet.

Check out this shower curtain.

Many of the windows had these etchings.

Then there was this zen room with a pile of rock shaped pillows.

We didn't buy a ticket to win the home this year, but bought a ticket for the 50/50 draw instead.  As fun as it was to look at these huge homes, it was even better to go home to our 1400 square foot home... the perfect size for two.

Well summer must be close because the summer photograph challenge is up!  Rob and I are playing along this year and I think I might put together a small 4"x4" album as I did last year.  Here's the list of prompts.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



  1. I'm glad you posted about the Dream Homes: I remember being fascinated by this the last time round.

    Good luck with the Scavenger HUnt. I'm not going to start too early. I'll enjoy looking forward to it for a bit longer I think

  2. I can't believe you didn't like the forest wall paper! Ha Ha Ha! Who makes these decisions! Open your door, step outside and look around! As for the hot tub.... all I can think about is the water getting tracked EVERYWHERE!

  3. Loved the tour. I saw signs for our local house tour last week too, I need to see if we have missed it.

  4. Wow, those homes are something. I love your commentary. It made me giggle. I love walking through the home show in the Twin Cities as well.

    Have fun with the photo scavenger hunt. I can't wait to see your photos.


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