Thursday, June 30, 2016

More "Fur Fusion"

I just can't get enough of this Jillibean Soup collection!  It has me wanting to scrap all of my current fur baby photographs.

I love that this collection is for dogs and cats.  Next up might be some of my favourite kitties.

Here is the sketch that I used by Laura Whitaker.

In other news, we've been house painting...again.  That yellow that we used last August... well we tired of it really fast.  I was over it at about two months in and Rob at three months in.  Neither of us voiced this to the other.  LOL  It is weird how a colour that we debated using for about two years, ended up being one that we couldn't stand.  So we are moving with the crowd and have given into a warm grey!  It is so serene.

We cheated this time and hired the job out.  Professionals are so quick.

So then something happened that I thought would never come to be.  After eleven years of being totally in love with gold, I got tired of it.  At first I moved it all to the basement family room.  But even down there, it suddenly seemed so loud.  So I stripped the house of gold.  Here's what went for donation.  Goodbye "mustard".

I can't say that I am totally over gold.  I still value all of my gold glassware and dishes that I carefully thrifted over time... and they look amazing with grey.   Could it be that I moved out of the 70's?  No more gold and brown.  Hello twenty first century! ;)


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  1. Cute page. I love yellows, but only the happy bright or soft buttery ones - the least bit mustard would not appeal to me. But I am totally loving your soft grey tones.


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