Saturday, June 4, 2016

Please Help Lloyd

Anyone who has been following my blog for any time knows that I am a huge fan of this cute little kitty named Lloyd.  I even did a LO about him.

Well this little guy needs your help.  He is having issues with his teeth and is in so much pain that he stopped eating.  He needs to have molars removed.  You can read the whole story here.

If you are able,  please send a few dollars his way.  His humans love him dearly and this kind of expense is not one that they are able to cover.  You can find the Go Fund Me page here.

The cost of dental health for animals always blows me away.  Diane and Eric spent close to $2000 on dental surgery for Mo a few years ago.  Last summer I spent $1400 for Maggie and Lady to have cleaning and some teeth pulled.  My vet has actually lowered her fees for dental as many people just can't afford the cost and it doesn't get done.   Together we can help this little guy.  The internet has helped rescue him once before.  :)


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  1. Jen - thank you so much for this post! I finally got around to reading the last month's worth of posts in my feed reader, and this was all the way down at the bottom, so I never saw it until now!

    We are so grateful for all the help Lloyd was able to get, and so so happy that he's back to being his ridiculous little self again :)


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