Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Oh Baby

I've been making cards!  I spied an amazing Prima collection called "Heaven Sent".  I fell in love with the retro images.  I debated buying some to put away for a later date when I have grand babies to scrap one day.  But... I try not to hoard supplies anymore.  Sometimes when you do that you really don't love them anymore by the time you go to use them.  Now I only buy smaller quantities that I will use soon.  Then I had the idea to make some cards.  After all, I will need a card to go with the baby blanket that I am knitting for Diane's best friend.  These card designs were all "cardlifted" from Nadine.  I looked through cards I had created from her kits and then followed the pattern, so to say.  Thanks Nadine.  :)

Some close-ups.

Now I just have to finish the baby blanket.  It is still on the needles!



  1. They're so nice. Thanks for giving me one. :-)

  2. Oh, these are really sweet. Honestly, there isn't a collection you buy that I don't love

  3. What no dogs or cats? I've been enjoying catching up on your work, even if too lazy to comment every day. Love your layouts, but these cards really get to me. I love sweet and sentimental!!


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