Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Good, the Okay and the Ugly

I have three LO's to share.  They were all created on the same day.  This got me thinking about how three creations in such a short period of time could all turn out so differently.  So I've rated them.

First up, the "good".  This one is my new favourite and I think might make it into my 10 faves of the year.  I mixed a bunch of papers and was going for a masculine look for this photo of Andrew and Thomas.  I love this photo.

I used this sketch from Citrus Twist.

The second LO I have to rate as just "okay".

I love this photograph of Chantal and I love the papers and supplies.  So what went wrong?  I should have used this sketch as a mirror image so that the subject is not looking out of the LO.  Awwww!  Rookie mistake.

Here's the sketch I used from Citrus Twist.

Okay, brace yourself for the "ugly".  This one got away on me in a big way.  I tried to redeem it but nothing could save it.  So in the interest of keeping it real... here it is in all its glory.  There's a lot going on.  It almost makes me dizzy when I look at it!  Yikes!

So what's wrong with it?  Let me tell you.  The photo is very busy all by itself, so the design and supplies would have been best to be kept simple.  Less is more but I struggle with this creative concept.  ;)  I deviated from the sketch by adding that blue strip on the bottom. It totally messed up the design of the sketch. It wasn't by choice.  Things went awry with some floating diecut flowers and hand written journaling that looked too off centre.  So I covered the mistake with that blue strip and then had to add the small blue strip in the top right hand corner and then a few more blue buttons to balance the colour.  Well, you can see where this is going.  All I can say to it is... yuck.  But it will still go into my album because I like the memory.  I guess you can't love them all.  LOL

Here's the sketch I used from Citrus Twist.  It really is a great sketch.

And that's just how it goes sometimes in the scrappy world.



  1. I do it too...sometimes it can be very hard to stop adding all the pieces you have specially chosen for a page. I've discovered that the best way I can redeem a page is by adding lots more journaling so that the story becomes important and the first thing I look for when I spy the page in my album. Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Haha. Love the title of your post. It can be hard to know when you've reached the point where you need to stop. We've all been there... Lol! Thanks for keeping it real.


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