Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yarn Eye Candy

It is considered a great day when the good yarn shop, Pam's Woollys Shoppe and Michael's both put on a sale on the same day.  So we decided to take a trip out to Stony Plain to Pam's.  I totally love this shop because it doesn't just carry the really expensive stuff.  It has a good selection of acrylic which means I can buy wool for my charity hats in amazing colours that I wouldn't find at Michael's.

Take a peek inside the shop.

Here's what I came away with at 50% off.

Next it was out to lunch at Bings #1.  Love this Chinese food restaurant.  Steve introduced us to it. FYI There is a Bings #2 in Spruce Grove but we hear that it isn't as good.

It is your typical small town Alberta restaurant.  It was empty when we first got there but filled up quickly.

So Rob looks less than excited.  Yeah he is the guy who goes here and orders a turkey sandwich.

On the way home we stopped at Michael's in Spruce Grove.  They had 40% off of your entire regular price purchase so bring on the Vanna wool!

I have been knitting mittens as of late but this new stash has me wanting to start up on some hats again for the kids!  :)



  1. Yummy yarn! And I bet the Chinese food was good too.

  2. My heart leapt when I saw your title! What lovely photos to dream over. And of course you picked up a bargain, or two, or three


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