Saturday, August 20, 2016

It Must Be August...

... because this is what I found peeking out of the mail box!

Yes, it's the Ikea catalogue!  I love the excitement when it arrives.  I take some time to have a good look through usually while sipping a cup of tea.  It is an August tradition.   It is never the furniture that I am looking for.   For me, it is all about the organizational items and the possibility of some unique all be it mass produced home decor.

 As for organizational items, I didn't see a thing that I thought would be great for the scrappy room. Boo to that.  I did discover these though.

 There is just something about the shape of them that appeals to me.  I also like that they can be stacked for storage or even stacked to add height while only lighting one tealight on the top.  Soon we will have chilly fall evenings and candle lighting season will begin. I'm excited for fall.



  1. Oh I hope mine arrives soon - it will be my first IKEA catalog. Fall always means more candles burning around here too - just picked up the first one this week.

  2. OOh! I hope ours gets here soon too. It's a lovely tradition for me too. I pore over it.


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