Friday, August 19, 2016

It's a Tradition

Every summer we go to our local heritage park,  Fort Edmonton Park.  I'm not sure what it is about it that draws me in... thoughts of a simpler time I suppose.  This year Diane and Eric came along.  Eric thinks he may have gone once as a child on a field trip, but was excited to see it again.  He had a small glimpse when we went for a Sunday brunch on a cold January day but needless to say, we didn't walk far that day.  It was really fun to share his interest and explore some spots that we usually skip over.  I used the August kit from Treasured Memories to scrap these, plus a few bits and pieces that were on my desk.

Here is the sketch I used from PageMaps.

For this page I used a special effect on the photo print.  I love how it brought out the blue.

The sketch was from Julie Blanc.

In some knitting news, I found these amazing yarns at Michaels!  They are by Caron and called "Caron Cakes".

They are rolled into these beautiful cakes similar to when I roll yarn with my swift and yarn roller.  It allows the colours to show and when you see these all stacked up on the shelf at the store,  they basically sell themselves!  It is brilliant marketing.  I have started a basic garter stitch scarf with the rainbow ball.  I'm planning on fringes.  Some child will love it!



  1. Oops, sorry - the LO's are pretty great too! LOL

  2. Scrapbooking and yarn pictures all in one post? You are talking my language :)

  3. Two fabulous pages!!! LOVE the red green and yellow on the first one and the layers with the turquoise on the second one!!

  4. Two wonderful pages...I am loving scrappy sketches at the much inspiration.


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