Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pioneer Girls

When the girls were pre-teens I would often try to get them to do a craft with me.  By this point they were sick of crafting.  I would plead with them to come and stitch with me and tell them that we could play "pioneer girls".  We could pretend that we were living in older times and crafting out of necessity.  At this point they would give me a look and either groan or grunt at me.  They never played.

Flash forward and one girlie likes to crochet.  Diane had me show her how to do a granny square a few years ago.  This is the extent of my crocheting knowledge.  I'm a knitter.  Crocheting doesn't come easy for me.  I am not at one with the hook.  But for Diane... it comes naturally.  She is loving it.

Last week she came over to finish working on a baby blanket that she was making for her friend's baby shower.

It was like a dream come true.  We sat together all afternoon.  She crocheted and I knit.  At one point I said to her, "It is like we are playing pioneer girls."  She replied.  "Don't make this weird Mom."  So I said no more but enjoyed every minute of our time.  Now I just have to get Lisa interested in crafts.  Now this might be an impossible dream.

Oh yeah,  Jack came too.  What a cutie.  Just look at those adorable eyes.



  1. Never say never...and that blanket looks beautiful too.

  2. I'd play Pioneer Girls with you! I have tried to get my daughter interested but she is a baker, not a maker. Though judging by this beautiful blanket, I'll not give up hope just yet

  3. Wow, that blanket is beautiful! Yay for you, for getting to play Pioneer Girls, even if Diane won't admit it. LOL

  4. Don't you love it when a seed planted years ago sprouts. Her blanket is very pretty, lovely colors and pattern.

  5. Her afghan looks great. Love her comment about the pioneer girl. LOL Sounds like something my girls would say. I can't get them to craft with me either. And Jack... that face!! Oh that expression is something I see over here a lot. Tucker makes that same face.


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