Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meaningful Words

A few weeks ago Rob and I decided to go for a walk on Whyte Avenue.  It's a fun spot with restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and unique shops.  There is also a huge Chapters which is always fun to take a look in.  As we walked down one of the side streets, I spotted this message, written in chalk on a nondescript random door.

I wondered who had written it and who it was for.  I imagined someone finding it and knowing that a loved one had written it for them specifically, knowing that they would find it before the next rain washed it away.  Or maybe it was written in hopes of reminding us to thank that special one in our life.

Such meaningful words.  Rob is my "calm sea" and I am grateful.  Who is yours?



  1. I wonder who wrote it.

    I have a steady rock of a husband too

  2. A beautiful sentiment! Kobus is my calm sea and where ever he is will be home for me. x

  3. Add me to group with the steady hubbies. Put I often just look upward to give my thanks for calm seas. ;-)


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