Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Fall Afternoon...

Rob and I decided to take advantage of the warm sunny weather.  We headed over to the Sherwood Park Natural Area for a walk along the trail.  

It is 2.7 km of awesomeness.  We left the pups at home since Lady can no longer handle long walks. 

It was so quiet that we could actually hear the leaves falling to the ground.

There is a horse trail that intersects with the walking trail.

We accidentally startled an owl as we approached and watched him quickly fly away, only seeing his tail end.  We saw a sparrow and watched a little toad hop off the path and into the shrubs.

Rob took lots of photos along the way.

This is my favourite capture of the day.  I'll be scrapping it for sure.

I am so grateful to have this paradise only a five minute car ride from my house.  Nature makes me feel happy and at peace.

Once we arrived home we took our furry little friends around the park for their walk.  They were happy but it makes me feel sad that the days of bringing them along are behind us.  Maggie would be fine with it despite her arthritic knee but Lady is now on two medications for her bum knee.  I feel bad to leave Maggie behind but would feel even worse to leave Lady home alone.  I have already been researching dog strollers for when Lady can't make it through the park.  Yeah, I'll be the crazy dog lady pushing her dog stroller through the park.  ;)



  1. What beautiful photos! Your walk looks so quiet and calming, I'm sure you came back feeling really refreshed

  2. Thanks for taking us along in your walk. Not to worry, I see a couple of pet strollers in the conservation area near our house & I always think it is a brilliant idea.

  3. I would definitely take an older pet for a walk in a stroller. Not crazy at all! You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Our family visited Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes this summer. Stunning doesn't even describe it. One day I will get those pictures scrapped...


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