Monday, October 10, 2016

98 Pieces of Paper in a Bag....

...98 pieces of paper.  You take one out, admire it, think of ways to use it, try not to drool on it,  97 pieces of paper in a bag.  I finally played along with Treasured Memories Sale Paper Blow-Out.  It goes like this.  You are given a paper bag.  For $25 you try to fit as many pieces of paper into the bag without ripping it.  The more paper you stuff in, the cheaper the cost of the paper.  I always shied away for this sale because I am a "package impaired" person.  I can rip a paper bag putting 3 pieces of paper into it.  But, no worries with this sale.  If you were to rip the bag early on, you just take another bag and try again.  It is the perfect time for this sale since there is some amazing paper in the sale bins now that the new lines are all coming into the store in the past month.

It took me about an hour to carefully go through each bin looking for my favourites.  K.C gave me some pointers... get the papers into a neat pile and once you get your first stack in the bag, place new stacks into the middle of the stack.  I thought I was done at one point but K.C. estimated that I could probably fit another 20 sheets in.  So back I went and sure enough I stuffed a bunch more in.  Here's how full it looked!

When I got home I finally got to rip that bag open and start counting.  98 pieces of paper is quite the deal.  Just a smidgen over 25 cents a sheet!  Score!  Rob had estimated 80 sheets and K.C. estimated 103 sheets, so K.C wins!  LOL

I have sorted them by manufacturer line.  Tomorrow when Susan comes over, we are going to mix them all up and make up some paper kits.  Patterned paper is my all time favourite scrappy supply.  There is so much that you can cut up, cut out and create for LO's with just paper alone.

Wishing all of my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I love the idea of that sale. I'd give it a go, foe sure. Wouldn't we have had fun trying to guess who had squeezed in the most?

  2. Awesome paper purchase! It was so much fun today sorting through everything and making up coordinated paper sets. :-)

  3. Wow!! Big score. Way to go!! I think I am still in mourning the loss of all scrapbooking stores here. Not a single one left. Hobby Lobby doesn't cut it. They don't have hardly anything.

  4. Oh that does sound like a fun shopping spree. You are a master with the pattern paper usage, so I am looking forward to more inspiration from you.


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