Saturday, October 15, 2016

Come Along on a Show Home Tour

So it was a wet, snowy, dull, slushy Saturday.  It was warm enough outside but nothing about the day made us want to be out in it.  We forced ourselves out of our P. J.  pants and decided to go and look at a lottery show home in the city.  This one is for the Stollery Hospital which is our childrens hospital in Edmonton.  Would you like to come along on the tour?

Well this house had a very modern and minimal style to it but believe me,  there was nothing minimal about it. The outside almost had a commercial feel to it.  I guess because it is on the other end of the spectrum of traditional.

The laundry room was amazing!  I think I might have a thing for laundry rooms.  I think this one would make a person want to do laundry... maybe.  ;)

Here's the kitchen.  It was huge.  It had two islands and two ovens.  Geez, I rarely use my one oven.  LOL  There was a little room off the kitchen that held a second fridge and second dishwasher.  Yikes!  The one thing I did like was that the countertops looked like granite but they were actually some kind of recycled material.  The light fixtures were very industrial looking and I didn't like the wires hanging so strangely.

Here's the living room.  Not too big but that is because there are two other huge places to sit in this house.  The fireplace was very modern and I thought it was weird how the television sat off to the side of the wall.

The bathrooms were all very spa like.  I really liked the shape of this faucet.

This bath is so inviting.  Loved the big windows and the view, although there was a walking path below so the blinds would come in handy. As you can see we have had more snow.

This is the bottom view of the walk in closet.  It is bigger than some bedrooms.  Many of the closets and dressers had that shiny plastic look.  It was very modern.

This is the main bedroom.  You can see a projector mounted on the ceiling.  It projects television onto the blind which acts as a scene.  I didn't like the look of this electronics but if a person was a big television or movie fan I guess it would be worth it.

This is an upstairs bonus family room.  It looked out onto a balcony.  I really think this place needs a bit of colour!

A cute girl's bedroom...

and my favourite room of the house the boy's bedroom.  It might just be speaking to me because it actually has some colour in it!  I love how the cushions act as blocks of colour.

I love the skateboards on the wall.

Loved this desk, not that most kids actually sit at a desk to do their homework. ;)

There was a really big gym.

This was a spot for gaming.  Another one sat opposite. I should have counted how many televisions were in this house.

I really liked the furniture in this downstairs bedroom.  Maybe low sitting beds are coming back. We always laugh and say that if we fell off our bed we would break a hip!  I like how the bed side tables are attached to the headboard.

This is the downstairs sitting area.  It houses the third dishwasher in the house.  Rob and I love how they mixed the fabric patterns in this sectional.

And the last stop on the tour is my very favourite part of this crazy, big and excessive house.  It's a little closet under the stairs for kids to play in!  Rob said that he thought it was illegal to lock your kids in a closet.  LOL

I crawled in to take a peek.  My girls would have loved this!

So if you are still with me... thanks for coming along.  After leaving this house I had the same thoughts that I always have after viewing lottery homes, who lives in these houses and more importantly, who gets stuck cleaning these houses?  We didn't buy a ticket this time around so I guess I don't need to give it another thought.  LOL

Hope you all had a fun Saturday.  It's time to watch some Dexter and work on a scarf that I am knitting.



  1. It's huge! That kitchen has two islands! I do love it when you go on a show home tour :)

  2. I love walking through model homes. Add me to the list that loves laundry rooms. :) The kids and I walked through some this season. Ours run every Sept. after Labor day for about 4-6 weeks on the weekends. We walked through a $1.2M home. Not overstated, over the top details/decor, just very well done. It was a rambler. The whole house basement, everything, just gorgeous. It had a span-crete garage - every guys dream garage. Outdoor fireplace. We had to bring Greg back to see it. He decided that if we ever won the lottery, we would buy it. LOL (We don't play the lottery, so I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. ☺️ It's fun to dream though. I didn't take any photos though. So many people in there, and I wasn't sure if it was allowed.


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