Sunday, October 30, 2016

I've Been in the Kitchen... What?!

Anyone who has been following me for some time will know that I'm not one to spend too much time in the kitchen.  I used to... when the girls were at home.  Meal time was important to our family.  I also loved to bake often.  I loved making things from scratch. This all changed somehow once we became empty nesters.  The dinner table seemed lonely to me and Rob so we started to hang out at the restaurant more often than not. Plus, I got lazy.  ;)  Well, we're trying to change that.  Not only does it cost a fortune, but more importantly,  the food isn't as good for our health. Yes we are getting old!  I will miss my restaurant friends though.  Yeah, we are regulars at our places and some of the servers are kind of like our children.  They fill us in on their lives and dreams and we love every minute of it.  But... back to the kitchen.  Here's what I've been making.

Last week I made blueberry muffins.  They are so good.  The best part is the cinnamon nutmeg crumble on top.

Today I finally made Rob a batch of the much requested chocolate chip cookies.  I finally used my Kitchen Aid Mix Master that is about four years old.  Hey, it does make baking much easier.  I can't get my recipe as soft as I used to.  It is the oven in this house.  It is convection and tends to make the cookies a little more crispy.  I find that if I use it on regular bake it doesn't really bake well.

Next I made some cookies for the pups.  I haven't made these since before Lady!  This recipe uses hot bacon fat.

I popped them in the oven and was somehow expecting some good baking smell to waft out.  Instead it was a bacon and yeast aroma.  Gag!  But look who hung out near the oven.

Here they are all baked up.  Maggie loved them just as she used to but Lady not so much.  :( I dropped some off for my neighbour's dogs and am waiting on their review.  LOL

Next time I'll be making a batch that uses macaroni and cheese powder.  Lisa found this recipe in a school library book when she was in grade four.  I still have the recipe that she wrote out.  She named them "Toby Treats" after our Bichon at the time.

I love how next to Tbsp she wrote (big).  She always had a tough time remembering if that was the big spoon or the little spoon.  So cute.  One day I'll tell you about the time in grade five when she and a friend tried to broil a cake.  LOL

So I just may be blogging a little more about my kitchen adventures.  It turns out that the kitchen really isn't such a bad place to hang out and my house always smells like something good we have been cooking.  Hey, I think that smell is the smell of home.  I like that.



  1. Fun post. I really enjoying baking & cooking but alas the fact that I enjoy my own baking SO much is reason enough not to bake often. I make sugar cookies in the shape of dog biscuits, freaks out the kids. Cute tale about the "big" for tbsp - my Mom taught me that more letters meant more of what you were measuring, it stills sticks with me.

  2. Oh my god, you found your kitchen! ;-) Great post and those chocolate chip cookies look delicious.

  3. Haha. I love Susan's comment. You seem to have really found your kitchen and your baking looks super yummy xx

  4. Good for you-you are so right it's much healthier to make it from scratch yourself! I love your bar! For more suggestions, check my food blog:

  5. These look so good! Switching between convection and regular ovens is so frustrating! All recipes have to be adjusted! I dealt with this when we were living at my parents' house. Also, I miss making dog treats. I should post a recipe for the ones I used to make :)


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