Thursday, October 13, 2016

What to Do

It hasn't been one of those awesome falls,  in my neck of the woods.  You know the ones where the sun is shining that low golden light.  The ones where afternoons are warm and evenings are crisp.  The ones where there is that good dried leaf smell in the air and you crave to be out walking just to hear the leaves crunching under your feet. No it hasn't.

It looks like this out my front door.  Yes that is snow sitting on my pumpkin.

It looks like this out my back door.  Soggy leaves mixed in with snow.

Yes, it has been a somewhat bleak fall this year.  The skies are grey, the wind is chilly and it feels good to be inside.

So on this afternoon I have lit some candles.

I'm spending some time with my favourite magazine  (It's from The Netherlands so it takes a while to hit the Canadian shelves.) and some sleeping dogs.  I think it's almost time to boil some water for tea time.

Hope that your afternoon is enjoyable too.



  1. That magazine is so good! It's one of my favorites too!

  2. I found a copy when I was in Berlin and I brought it home with me :) Enjoy!

  3. It's been a mild fall here, thus far. Though as I am typing this, the wind is whipping out there. It has been gloomy. The morning will start out with a bit of sun, and by afternoon it is gone. I will take the warmer temps though.

    I love your back yard with your patio!! So pretty!!! The warm glow of the candles is so nice. I haven't heard of that magazine. I will have to search it out.


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