Saturday, November 19, 2016

Before and After

I spent some time in the scrap room making it presentable once again.  How does it get away on me so?

Here's the BEFORE.  It looks like a room you would see on Hoarders.  :(

After about two hours work,  here is the AFTER.  Ahhh Much better.  Now this is an environment that I can create in.


So for the first time ever I'm jumping in on the December Daily crazy train.  Susan is along for the ride too.

I am preparing my album ahead of time and have planned a list of prompts that I will be covering.  The numbered pages will represent more the prompt than the day, unless we were doing something amazing on a specific day.  Not likely.  LOL  Next year I will do one that is more of a daily diary concept.

I'll leave you with last week's kitchen creation.  I baked a cherry pie for Susan and I to enjoy on Crafty Tuesday.  It was good.



  1. I need to clear up..I need to clear up..

    The cherry pie looks delicious

  2. The pie WAS delicious and I got to take home leftovers! :-)

  3. Yeah to December Stories, I am sure you will have fun with it especially since you have a friend doing it with you. I know no one that scraps :(

    Your scrap space looks wonderful both in creative stages & tidied stages. Cherry pie is THE best pie ever :)

  4. Looks great Jennifer! Loving your vintage colored desk and fil!

  5. Yeah! December Daily is so fun! It'a amazing to see all the stuff we do when we actually stop to think about it.
    I can't wait to see yours!

  6. Woohoo. Your scrappy space looks wonderful after you neatened it. I am lusting for a rascog. Good luck with the December Daily, I am still struggling to come to terms with it being December already and I can already see it getting away from me.


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