Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Going Deep

I've been deep cleaning... finally.  I've been putting it off after writing a detailed list of what has been neglected.  I wish that I could be a normal person and just do a task or two a day but that just isn't my nature.  So I went on a tangent.

The thing that I hate about deep cleaning is it turns your house upside down.  I guess a daily task would take care of this issue but I'm me and that just isn't possible.  So before the house looks sparkling clean it looks like this!

On the bright side, I have an assistant.  Yeah, Rob and I are suckers for floor cleaning gadgets.  Meet Rosie the Roomba.

I had a Romba years ago and it didn't last too long.  Not sure why I have blind faith in this one.  I'm hoping that technology has advanced and she is better made.  She is also being babied along.  Lots of canister emptying, filter checking and the trouble shooting manual is at the ready.  I've been locking her in random rooms.  She gets under things that this maid usually just ignores.  Go Rosie go!

It's been a Cinderella kind of day.

Well, this Cinderella isn't going to any ball tonight but Prince Charming did arrive home and brought me a chocolate bar.  I'm easily pleased.



  1. Good for you. Chocolate is definitely great compensation. I've often wondered if those Roombas work, even when there's lots of furniture in the middle of rooms. I'm the kind that has to go all-in as well. Just yesterday when I caught up on paperwork, I uncovered a deep cleaning checklist I had printed from the internet, for the spring cleaning that just didn't happen. Maybe I can make a good start next week.

  2. Yup, that is what I find too. You have to take it all apart before it comes together. I need a Rosie! I want a Rosie!

  3. Well good for you! That sounds like hard work all right but I bet everywhere looks beautiful now.


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