Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Some Crafty Thrifting

I had an appointment near the thrift shops today and on a whim decided to pop in and take a boo.  I sure am glad I did.  It was a day filled with treasure!

Sayelle yarn at about $1 a ball.  This was one of my mother's favourite brands back in the day.  They don't make it anymore.  I'm not sure what these balls will be.  Maybe some hats mixed in with some colourful Vanna yarn?

This knitting book is from 2012 and cost me 50 cents.  I'm on the hunt for some new hat patterns.  Hopefully I'll find one in here that isn't too complicated.  I like easy relaxing knitting.

I came across a small plastic container at the cash counter of our Salvation Army containing a bunch of these!  I know these were stocked at Michael's in the past couple of months.  I wonder how multiples were donated. They cost 99 cents each.

Then I got the last three of these gems!!  I paid 99 cents for each of these packs!!  I think they were about $12 at Michaels.

Then I came across some vintage finds.

First up this very 80's knitting pattern book.  No I won't be making this very 80's beret but the scarf pattern is really awesome!  Worth it for 50 cents.

I found this baby pattern book.  This may be one of those purchases for imaginary Jennifer who knits baby layette sets.  ;)  Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try.  A good resource to have for 50 cents though.

Then there is this beauty from October of 1952!

Bought solely for this cookie recipe.

I had great fun looking through the publication though.  Life was different for women back then.  These ads give a fun glimpse into the past.  Here's what I might be needing if I was a 50's housewife.

Plastic furniture covers anyone?  Who doesn't love that crunching sound every time you sit down?  Let alone the sweat factor in hot weather months.

A repair tool for my nylons that is so easy that even a man can do it!  LOL  That sure is a mean comment.  :(

I'll be looking lovely in no time at all.

And lastly, because name calling always inspires me to diet.

Hope your Wednesday is a good one.



  1. SCORE!!!! Those advertisements are priceless. What a hoot!

  2. Wow that is some AWESOME thrifting!!

  3. Wow, you scored big time. What fun stamping you'll be doing.

  4. You always find the best treasures! I'm pretty sure I remember my Mum knitting with that Jaeger Gabrielle wool

  5. I like how the moment seized you to go thrifting - score you did! Old magazines with the tips amaze me. Thank goodness we have learnt to be more sensitive - fat girls diet - really!

  6. That is an amazing haul...I am sure the yarn and the pattern books will give you hours of pleasure during the winter.


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