Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up With January?

After the busyness of December,  January always seems like a really slow eventless month.  Not that there is anything wrong with this.  Sometimes it is good to be still.  But with this quietness, the blog becomes quiet also.  Here's a glimpse of life this month.

January started off with two new blooms on my peace lily.  If that isn't a promising sign to a new year, I don't know what else is.

We have started up monthly game night with Susan and Richard.  We get lazy and forget to get together and play Aggravation. (A problem with two introverts. )  We play as couples and Susan keeps an ongoing score of the winning team.  Yeah, it's the Shaws!  ;)  We always have dinner together for this event.  This time we ordered in Chinese food.  It had been ages since we had it and it was so yummy!

Thomas got his first guitar from his father.  Like father like son.  I think he looks like a little John Mayer here.  It's the stance.

Rob got me flowers!  These beauties are still alive and I'll be sad to see them go.  I love the simple arrangement and calm palette.  He is a really good flower picker!

Thomas turned seven on the 20th!  He had a very busy weekend.  There was a birthday party with family and school friends.  We got a video of the chaos and it brought us back to our "hosting kids birthday party days".  Yikes!  So after a Sunday skate with his parents,  he looked like this.  Andrew refers to it as his "hangover".  LOL  We are heading out for a visit in April and I am so excited!

For the past few days we have been living in a winter wonderland, literally.  It is frosty and beautiful and the snow is sparkling and the skies are blue.  Plus it isn't even frigid.  Here's a peek from my front door yesterday.  Each day the frost on the branches grows thicker.  It's amazing!

As far as crafting goes, I've lost my scrappy mojo.  I have ideas rolling around my head but nothing is getting done.  I've been stuck in a knitting vortex once again.  I blame it on Vanna.

Her wool was "buy one get one free" last week at Michaels so Diane and I stocked up for baby blankets.  I'll post a photo once I get further along.  The wool pictured is the colour combination for Diane's crocheted blankets.  She has four close friends who are pregnant so she has been busy creating gifts.

Hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to your new year.



  1. I like the sign of a good year coming from your Peace Lily. Oh I envy the clean crispness of snow - funny thing to say I know! We have in this part of Ontario been for weeks living under dreary dull damp weather. I blame Michaels for a lot of my stash increase, them with their 55% off coupon but of course I needed that package of letter stickers (lol).

  2. A knitting vortex sounds good to me :) I think I might be in one myself..

    It's always good to read a catch up post from you. I love hearing what you and Susan and Thomas and the rest have been up to.

  3. Looks like you've been busy despite no scrappy mojo! I'm excited to see the baby blankets you make, though. :) and I have a question for you: I'm in Edmonton for the next few days working and I want to hit up an LSS. Which one is the best? Distance is not an issue! Lol

    PS: I'm so glad you remember me! :)

    1. Hi Teri, Treasured Memories is the best LLS. They are even having a garage sale in the back room this weekend so you might find some vintage treasure. I was there this morning and the goods were going fast. I'm on the DT there so you might see some familiar faces in some LO's on display. Have a great weekend! :)

  4. So fun to see these photos of your everyday life and reading all about you. What a shame you're in a scrappy dip, but as long as you come out of it again at one time I'm okay with it :). Can't wait to see what you'll knit!


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