Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Make a Little Boy Happy

I always say that children and dogs are what make life worth living.  Here's a good children story.

Rob has been taking up the hobby of building Lego for the past couple of years.  His biggest build to date is the Death Star from Star Wars.  It was huge and a somewhat complicated project.

Last year while we were getting our house painted we met our painters little boy.  He came down to view Rob's Lego collection and was quite taken back by the Death Star.  Rob knew then that one day when he was ready to give it up, it would go to this little guy.

Last weekend Rob met up with him and his mom.  Mom knew the plan but it would be a surprise for the little fellow.  Rob asked him if he could help him move a box out of his car.  When Rob opened up the box, he simply said, "It's yours."  The photos snapped by his mom tell the rest of the story.

He has it proudly displayed on his dresser along with his other Star Wars Lego.  He was already deciding which friends he could trust around it.  LOL  Such a cute little guy.  I wonder if when he is older he will take it apart and build it for himself.  It is these small moments in life that are truly to be treasured.



  1. Great photos! And a lucky boy. He'll remember this forever.

  2. Aw, this is probably the nicest post I'm going to read all week.

  3. What a very kind gesture from Rob. It feels good to be kind. Thanks for sharing such a lovely story.

  4. I totally started crying when I realized where this was going! What a great story!


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