Friday, May 5, 2017

Just Random ~ This and That

We are enjoying a "summer" day here in Alberta.  It feels so foreign.  It was still snowing two weeks ago.  I did catch myself complaining about how hot it was today.  LOL  I'm not really a hot weather lover and 29c is out of my comfort zone.

I've been knitting.  I finished the Tardis blue baby blanket.

Now I've started one in pink... just in case.  I am really loving this yarn from Estelle.  It is a 50% washable wool, 40% acrylic and 10% nylon.  It is so soft.

Rob celebrated a birthday.  This card from Lisa perfectly describes her feelings for him.  She will forever be a daddy's girl.

I'm feeling grateful to have these on my kitchen table.  Oh yellow.....

So I've been trying to move on into 2007 and actually use my iPhone.  Texting still seems long and tedious but I have found the perfect motivator.  My emoji!!  It's like stickers for the cell phone!

I have an update on my Canadian Geese.  Although I haven't been over yet this week, last time I checked in I could see that not only is this goose being left water, but some kind of grain also.  People are kind and it makes me realize how much our wild life and nature mean to many. You can see just how tiny her spot really is.  Imagine having cars parked on each side!

I'm starting to feel some scrappy mojo coming on.  It could be just in time for National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow.  I know I'm getting ready to play with paper when random items I see on my travels seem like the perfect scrapbooking supply.

Here we have:

~Paper doilies that were placed under our fancy ice-cream dishes at Joeys.  My family all know to quickly hand over the doily before food gets slopped on it.  And... why does everything taste better when it is served with a doily?

~The packaging from my new cell phone cover along with the bag it was given with.

~An advertisement postcard.  I'm loving the colours and paisley pattern.

Wishing you all a great weekend with some time to celebrate paper!



  1. lol! I bought a packet of biscuits with a doily underneath yesterday and I was gutted to discover that it was too stained with grease to use..because of course I'd thought about it.

    lovely catch up. Your baby blanket is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful finished tardis blue blanket. A lovely bouquet on the table, I wish I could have fresh flowers about (cats!). I laughed & laughed when you said moving into 2007, that's how I feel, always behind the times. Happy NSD.


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