Monday, May 15, 2017

Tiny Knitting

I took a break from knitting yet another baby blanket to knit a baby hat!  Look how tiny it is in newborn size!

The yarn is a wool, acrylic and nylon blend but is so soft that it almost feels like a cotton.  Lisa has a thing about wool being itchy so I know that she'll feel good about putting this on her little one's head.

Now I'm making one in the next size up... baby.

This tiny knitting meant a trip to the good yarn store to buy tiny needles.  This granny thing is a lot of fun!  I am thinking of making some in  the premie size to donate to our children's hospital.  A future project for my charity knitting.



  1. Oh so very tiny. I like that soft green shade of wool. There are so many blend options out there. Our church makes pray shawls for donation & several of the ladies are offering to teach me to either knit or crochet ... who knows where this could lead, maybe my wandering of the knitting aisle at Michaels will finally pay off (col).

  2. How perfectly tiny and sweet! Preemie hats are always needed: I think it's a great plan.

  3. It's so small! And you're using DPN's!!


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