Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well it wouldn't be summer without a list of photo prompts to get us out and taking photos.  We love the challenge of keeping our eyes peeled for just the perfect opportunity.  This summer I'm playing along with a list provided by Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards.  A big thank you to Mary-Lou for coming up with a very interesting challenge and hosting us all.  Today is the first link up.  Well I have to say that I am off to a slow start!  LOL  We've been busy with boring house projects.  Next month we are doing some travelling with Andrew, Chantal and Thomas and we'll be on the hunt.

So here are my two photos!

#1 Something Fuzzy

I think that I will forever be a lover of dandelions.

#23 Something Powered by Wind

These wind turbines were photographed just outside Pincher Creek Alberta.  It always amazes me to think that wind can create energy.

Best of luck with the hunt to all the other participants!



  1. I also adore dandelions. Lovely photo xc

  2. Jenn thanks for joining in. Good start & that's a great close up of the dandelion. I call them wishing sticks because as a kid we picked, blew & made wishes on those little whirls that flew away.

  3. Yes it's really quite a shame that dandelions are a weed because they not only have a lovely yellow flower but they also have those wonderful seed heads. It's a great choice fo something fuzzy

  4. Your something fuzzy is lovely! A great start to the Hunt!

  5. Both are great finds! I'm not sure I would have thought of a dandelion for fuzzy, but it's perfect.

  6. What a perfect choice for fuzzy - I think I'm going to struggle with that one!

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